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The Psychology of TeamWork

Any organization or group is always in need of team members and in dire need of good leadership. Ranks or hierarchy of positions are an essential part of an organizational group. It is required for competency, for finalization of tasks and adherence to a specific code. Being competent in an organization is a domino effect of tasks done correctly and effectively. Being given an order by a subordinate is not losing one’s pride, but a need for essential success.

Marching Band members have required directions and orders. Those steps of direction are an essential part of continued success and planning. An example of good planning and successful outcomes can start with a simple order to be in full uniform when getting out of the bus. This isn’t extra spice or redundant information, but a cause and effect order. When full uniform is ordered, it is a task of unity, humility and safety. Safety doesn’t have to be out of danger, but an ingenious step in preventing loss. It could be losing track of a task, a component of the uniform or a simply to bring each member up to date on the next steps of completions. An order or direction to do a certain task given from a hierarchical order, from the directors down to the captains, chaperones and so on, is to be taken seriously and to be followed. Directions are well calculated and given for an effect of order. An order is a discipline and a training mechanism for being humble, knowing that each marching band member is part of something unique and strong. If one entity is disregarded, the unit fails. As one of the directors once highlighted, there is not a star in the marching band. All members are each other’s successes. The program is a domino effect of unbreakable unity and teamwork.

When someone falls, you pick them up and keep going. Success comes with humility; being vain leads to destruction and mayhem. As novelist C.S Lewis once said, “ Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Be humble and work with others well, with patience. As the famous composer once said, “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” Be the positive memory and inspiration. Be the role model whom people associate with humility and genius in craft. Be humble.

Comfort Equates to Success

Besides being thirsty, hungry and physically exhausted, you can have a decreased performance level from synthetic material. This process occurs through the amount of irritants found in chemical residues from the wash, or the lack of natural material against your skin. Many marching band members ignore the fact that any itch, rash or irritants can affect a performance.

So, what do you do when you find yourself itching and developing a rash? You can use a non-irritating soothing and cooling wipe made with the least amount of chemicals, followed by a drying towel, to remove sweat, residue and moisture. An invigorating shower to start the day, followed with the least amount of synthetic material worn, is the best option in trying to prevent skin irritations. Undergarments made of cotton and lacking perfumed washing detergents can have a positive domino effect of comfort and performance.

Yes, this sounds like a commercial for sports shoes. But a Regiment member’s physical comfort can mean the difference between a fair performance and a superior performance. Hydrate, eat well, and feel physically comfortable. Wearing your favorite undershirt or eating your favorite dessert can be done at any time; but competitions and that performance moment in time cannot be retrieved. Make the best out of it and enjoy your team.

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